The International Society of Tensiomyography stands to support relationships among users of tensiomyography (TMG), a noninvasive and functional method that enables selective measurement of skeletal muscle and its contractile properties.

Use of Tensiomyography method for diagnostic services in sports and medicine has proven to improve treatments, enhance recoveries and boost athletic performance. TMG functional muscle injuries diagnostics facilitates rehabilitation process, as it assesses contraction and relaxation capacity of injured muscle and helps determine the extent of injury, so most efficient rehabilitation can be safely administered. Furthermore, selective TMG method process quickly and accurately locates asymmetries in muscle groups, the elimination of which is imperative in minimizing injury risk and achieving optimal performance.

In addition to already established TMG method, extent research and development in the field led to evolution of the Muscle Contraction (MC) sensor, which enables unobtrusive monitoring and measurement of muscle tendon complex load during different voluntary conditions.

ISOT strives to support further development in the field of tensiomyography and standardize tensiomyographic methods while connecting TMG users worldwide for know-how exchange and networking.


To connect existing and potential tensiomyography practitioners for scientific or practical purposes and create environment for knowledge exchange and education with opportunities to work on joint projects with the goal of tensiomyography advancement.

ISOT was formed at a congress held in Rome on October 24, 2014. Founding members in presence elected first president and proposed creation of an environment for knowledge exchange and networking between TMG users in fields of sports medicine, medical science, sports science, musculoskeletal disorders and other professionals in the field.