Letter from the president

Dear fellow ISOT members!

I’m delighted to be officially launching the ISOT website and its corresponding activities. I hope isot.education becomes a place for all participating TMG practitioners, researchers, users and other medical and sport professionals to network and discuss ongoing issues to further develop our common field, tensiomyography. I see ISOT as an opportunity for researchers to collaborate on projects. When joint, we will make stronger candidates to secure grants for funded projects.

In the near future, I expect expansion of the MC sensor and serious application of the sensor in the research process and measurement of muscle-tendon complex loading/behavior. TMG R&D is currently in the second phase of developing new screening procedure(algorithms) for fast detection of muscle (hamstrings) injury.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to get to know each other, participate in the ISOT forum discussions and submit your own news and events to admin@isot.education and help keep ISOT alive together.


Srdjan Djordjević
ISOT President