Eurostars project results in development of the MC Sensor

ISOT corporate partner TMG-BMC Ltd is successfully finalizing the Eurostars Sensmotion project in collaboration with CSEM (Centre Suisse d'Electronique et Microtechnique). The goal of the project was to develop a multi-sensor system for muscle and knee motion, which provides solution to assess muscle performance, specific knee biomechanics for professional athletes, subjects with skeletomuscular disorders related to knee load, as well as measure progress of re-education of movement patterns/functional recovery after an injury. The so-called MC Sensor provides a reliable image of the physical forces produced by the muscle and knee angle dynamics.

The MC sensor is based on similar mechanical principle like TMG sensors and was made to provide a set of devices capable of measuring:
• the signal provided by the mechanical muscle sensor;
• the electrical muscle activity (EMG);
• the acceleration of the limb at the place of the sensor;
• the knee angle dynamic during voluntary movement.

2The MC Sensor is wearable, small, lightweight and easy to use, which makes measurements possible on a running athlete without obstructing the normal movement pattern or can be used for monitoring knee mechanic/behavior during different tasks in healthy subjects or injury/pathology related conditions.