• MyISOT. By setting up MyISOT account, you gain access to a variety of benefits including full access to website content, job offers and knowledge exchange forum with panel of experts, consisting of some of the most renowned researchers and tensiomyography professionals. Log in and join the conversation.
  • ISOT Member Directory. Looking to collaborate on projects, set up informational interviews or find a mentor? Log in to MyISOT and browse the directory completed with each member’s area of expertise and current projects.
  • Proposals for Partnerships. Looking for a new project to work on or someone to assist you with your work? Through MyISOT, members can create groups and invite partners to join or simply express an idea/offer and wait for candidates to find you.
  • Events. Attend annual ISOT conference in collaboration with other societies or any of the TMG events in the calendar and get to know fellow industry professionals in person.
  • News and Intelligence. Gain access to a database of best practices and newest research data in tensiomyography. In addition, as ISOT member you will receive a periodical journal to keep in touch with latest findings in the industry.
  • Professional Development. ISOT offers member specific seminars and webinars, advanced training opportunities for TMG users, and is planning on organizing summer camps, travel fellowship, and even scholarships for talented students. Get involved and enhance your knowledge.
  • ISOT awards. Establish yourself among tensiomyography professionals. By actively participating in the knowledge exchange forum and publishing your findings you can earn ISOT Top contributor and ISOT Best Practice awards. Valenčič Award is given for best PhD in Tensiomyography.


Joining ISOT gives you access to a variety of member benefits that will enhance your knowledge in the field of tensiomyography, further improve your skills and broaden your professional network.

Membership fee for individuals is 80 eur per year and can be paid online. Annual fee covers the cost of membership with several great benefits, full access to online content with participation in the knowledge exchange forum and subscription to ISOT journal.


Student membership


  • Jump-start your career in tensiomyography.
  • Find a mentor among experts in the field.
  • Earn a scholarship for your studies.

Individual membership


  • Expand your professional network.
  • Find partners for your future projects.
  • Be the first to hear about newest findings in the field.

Organizational membership


  • Stay in touch with tensiomygraphy development.
  • Communicate with experts in the field.
  • Establish student exchange partnerships.