PhD candidate job offer at Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF)

Aspire Zone is a unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry. They are offering a PhD candidate position at Aspetar unit, department of rehabilitation. The suitable candidate will be responsible for examining clinical aspects of the rehabilitation of hamstring injury in athletes using various technologies, including tensiomyography.

“More specifically, we aim to examine current aspects of hamstring injury rehabilitation, and identify aspects of conservative (physiotherapy) management which can be enhanced or optimized including tailoring interventions to sub-groups of injury (e.g. different muscle groups, different injury locations) and different sub-groups of athletes (e.g. sprinters versus distance/endurance athletes, straight- line versus direction change, running versus stretching/flexibility type). Additionally the candidate will be responsible for developing a line of research aimed on real-time evaluation of the injury included, but not limited to ultrasonography (including Doppler and elastography), electromyography, and tensiomyography/tissue elasticity examination as a means of identifying different injury categories and healing stages, along with their reaction to conservative (exercise) interventions.

The candidate will have the opportunity to complete PhD research over a time period of three years. The candidate will be based full time at Aspetar in partnership with Ghent University, Belgium.

He/She will work under a direct supervisor reporting to the Director of rehabilitation department to ensure all research tasks are completed professionally and efficiently.”