ISOT appears in first scientific paper

Dr. David Rodríguez Ruiz is the first of ISOT founders to sign ISOT among his organizational credentials in his latest paper on correlation of thigh fat percentage, mid-thigh and leg crease, perimeter of the thigh and leg and the diameter of the femur. Parameters were obtained with Tensiomyography measurements in the recto femoral and medial gastrocnemius of the dominant leg in elder women diagnosed with Alzheimer. Results of the study show no correlation.

The paper titled “Influence of fat percentage, crease and half diameter of thigh and leg in Tensiomyography parameters obtained in women diagnosed with Alzheimer” was published as a chapter in the book "Longevity and health. Innovation in physical activity.” Edit Área de Cultura y Deportes de la Diputación de Málaga (Spain). ISBN: 978-84-7785-955-0.