TMG research on mechanical and contractile changes of the skeletal muscles after ACL surgery to be presented at ISAKOS Congress

Research on Effects of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction on Neuromuscular Characteristics of the Lower Extremity in Competitive Soccer Players, measured through tensiomyography (TMG), will be presented at the 2015 International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) Biennial Congress hosted in Lyon, France starting June 7 -11th.

Dr. Pedro Alvarez Diaz and his team of experts, members of Spanish Soccer Society, Catalan delegation, Garcia Cugat foundation and Quiron UIC hospital in Barcelona, investigated the effects of ACL reconstruction surgery on mechanical and contractile characteristics of the skeletal muscles of the lower extremity in soccer players through TMG.

All competitive male soccer players with confirmed acute ACL tear included in this study underwent resting tensiomyography assessment of muscles of both lower extremities before and one year after reconstruction. In conclusion of the study, the quadriceps muscles improved their resistance to fatigue and contraction velocity in both sides, and the hamstring muscles improved their contraction velocity and muscle tone in both sides as well. Improvements in contraction velocity and muscle tone were more evident in the quadriceps and hamstrings of the injured compared to the uninjured side. In addition, the intervention increased the percentage of symmetry between both sides in the TMG of the quadriceps muscles and the balance between ACL-agonist (hamstrings) and ACL-antagonist (quadriceps) muscle groups in both sides.